From the Tears

From the tears a virtue grows, a virtue for which we all need.

From the tears closeness grows, and all is safe in each others arms.

From the tears friendships repair, and those lost will be found.

From the tears feelings are known and compassion is shown.

From the tears all the sorrows catch up to those who lost hope.

From all the tears nothingness sparks empathy.

From all the tears the sweet become the delicate petals of sensitivity.

From all the tears truth mourns lies.

From all the tears people mourn, people grieve, people sulk and people learn.

From all the tears people branch out to those in the unknown.

From the tears the eyes weap a thousand lies.

Although, from the tears reveal a persons nature in which we should nuture.

By Jack

Thank you to MeeTwo user Jack for this beautiful poem.

From the Tears.jpg


Words cut, carve & create a person,

Words start wars,

Words are brave, bold & bizarre,

Words are a poets tool kit,

Words speak to those who don't have a voice,

Words spark action,

Words start revolutions,

Words end lives,

Words save lives,

Words express ourselves,

Words calm the hyper.

Words stop actions,

Words halt wars,

Words create peace & words give clarity

By Jack


Thank you to MeeTwo user Jack for this beautiful poem.