MeeTwo is a safe digital space where young people can anonymously post questions, or feelings, and provide each other with useful advice and support.    

To keep our users feeling safe and supported we have clear list of things that we won’t publish.

When anyone submits a post or reply it is first checked by a moderator. The moderators don’t judge the quality of the post, or the reply, they are simply checking that it doesn’t contain anything that we don’t permit. If a moderator rejects your post or reply you will receive a short message to explain why. Often, all you will need to do is make a small change and repost it.

Content that we won’t publish

Safeguarding MeeTwo is not a crisis or emergency service. If your post suggests that you might be at risk of harm or harming others we may choose not to publish your post. In this case, in accordance with our safeguarding policy, we will send you an email with guidance on how you can get help.

Personal information If a post or comment contains personal information about you or someone you know e.g. surnames, school names, specific events or location details, phone numbers, email addresses, or links to social networking profiles, the moderator will either eliminate those details or ask you to edit and resubmit as appropriate.

Offensive Moderation will also eliminate posts that include racially offensive, homophobic, threatening or aggressive comments. Similarly, any messages that condone illegal activity or criminal behaviour will not be published.

Explicit Any posts that contain crude, or sexually explicit language and descriptions of sexual acts will not be published. Posts that are sexually provocative or inappropriately suggestive will also be rejected. While it is OK to ask for legitimate sex and relationships advice, please be conscious of the age range of users and do not ask for advice on how to carry out sexual acts.

Promoting Harmful Behaviour We understand that users may have concerns about body image or appearance that they would like help with, however, posts that detail weight loss strategies or dangerous dietary behaviours will not be published because they promote harmful behaviours. Similarly, a discussion about the impact of self harm might be useful but the moderators would not publish any messages that promote self harm or provide information on methods or how to hide scars.

Bullying Moderation will also eliminate posts that are purposely intimidating. Bullying will not be tolerated.

Unclear If your post is garbled, unclear or makes no sense we will ask you to reword it and resubmit it.

No content  For your first post it is great just to say ‘Hi’. However, MeeTwo is a space for young people to share and compare experiences, ask questions and get help. If your post doesn’t have much content we will ask you to resubmit it.

Slang MeeTwo is a slang free zone. If your post contains slang that might be difficult for other users from different places to understand we will ask you to resubmit it.

Posts that are not in English MeeTwo is currently only available in English and can not accepts posts that are submitted in any other language. All Foreign language posts will therefore be rejected.