Global recognition for MeeTwo

MeeTwo app selected as one of HundrED’s 100 most important innovations in education in the world.


The MeeTwo app, which enables teenagers to safely and anonymously ask questions, share advice and use their experience to help others has been announced by global education non-profit HundrED, as one of the 100 most important innovations in education in the world.  

Over 700 innovations were identified through research, events and recommendations over the last two years and they were evaluated based on their originality, impact and scalability.

MeeTwo was chosen due to its unique pioneering status and ability to create a scalable impact. The Multi-award winning app, which provides guided peer support, expert help, inbuilt educational and creative resources as well as links to UK charities and helplines, is already supporting 1000 UK teenagers.

Suzi Godson, psychologist and co-founder of MeeTwo said: “We’re so pleased to have been selected as one of HundrED’s 100 global innovations. MeeTwo was co-created with UK teenagers who wanted a safe app where they could get support with issues that felt too private or personal to talk about with anyone else. We have been amazed at how effective the guided moderated peer support model is.”

The selected 100 projects cover various fields of education from learning environments and holistic wellbeing to collaborative learning and game-based education, as well as a range of themes including small teacher-led practices, ambitious not-for-profit initiatives, viral edtech products and unique whole school models.

Kerstyn Comley, education technologist and MeeTwo co-founder said, “Tech is revolutionising education and we are so proud to be pioneering this change. Adolescent mental health is a problem that is desperately in need of innovative solutions and MeeTwo is already demonstrating beneficial impact. Being offered the opportunity to extend this beyond the UK using the HundrED platform is amazing”

Saku Tuominen, creative director of HundrED, said: “MeeTwo clearly stood out to us as a project that needed to be shared with the world. Being able to showcase these innovations marks the beginning of a drive to get all teachers involved in revolutionising education. We will continue to encourage as many schools and organisations as possible to get involved so that we can work towards a positive future”.

To share the projects, HundrED has created an online platform so that educators around the world can trial and review MeeTwo and all the other innovations using the resources, for free. To explore the global innovations, please visit:

More information about the project can be found by visiting: and