Q: What is MeeTwo?

A: MeeTwo is an award winning free fully moderated app for teenagers, which provides peer support, expert help, inbuilt educational and creative resources as well as in app links to UK charities and helplines. MeeTwo is a neutral space which allows young people to experiment with what it feels like to open up without drawing attention to themselves while positive feedback and social support builds confidence, increases wellbeing and promotes emotional resilience

Q: What can I do on MeeTwo?

A: You can post and comment on other users posts about any and all things you may want to open up about. You can also filter posts by categories in order to gain a more personal experience. Clicking on images will show you educational resources about that image and links to resources. If you want further help you can find contact details from other organisations offering help for a wide range of problems

Q: What is the MeeTwo button?

A: The MeeTwo button is for when you find a post that you feel you relate to. Pressing the MeeTwo button tells the original poster that you have experienced similar issues or simply that you empathise with them.

Technical issues

Q: The App is not working properly

A: If you have any technical issues please contact us.

Q: I am unhappy with some of the content on the App.

A: If you would like to report content on the App there are several things that you can do. In the IOS versions you can report an individual post or a user by clicking on the three little dots in the top right hand corner of the post page. To report a reply double click on the reply. Or for either IOS or Android versions please contact us and explain the problem.

Q: When I try to login I get the following ‘Your Account is Temporarily Disabled’

A: Users who do not follow our Terms of Use may have their account disabled. This is often because they have not provided us with a valid email address or they are persistently posting inappropriate content. If you would like to have your account reinstated please contact us and tell us your Username so that we can look into it for you.

Q: How do I change my username?

A: Once you have made your account, you are unable to change you username.

Q: I want to delete my account. How can I do that?

A: In order to delete your account, you can contact support@meetwo.co.uk


Q: How does moderation work?

A: Please visit our moderation page for more details.

Q: Are Express Yourself image submissions moderated too?

A: Yes. Artwork and personal stories are subject to the same moderation as posts and replies.

Q: What happens when I report something to MeeTwo? 

A: All posts and replies on MeeTwo are moderated before they go live on the app, so every post or reply is checked to make sure it meets our moderation guidelines.  However, when a post or a reply is reported to MeeTwo, we will review it again and may decide to remove it if we feel that is appropriate.

Posting and replies

Q: Do experts respond to every post?

A: No. Experts read as many posts as they can and may choose to add a reply if they feel it is useful.

Q: I tried to post and it says ‘in review’. Why is that?

A: Every post MeeTwo receives is moderated to ensure the safety of our users. Once your post is deemed appropriate and safe, you will receive a notification that your post has gone live. Posts that are deemed unsafe and inappropriate will be rejected.

Q: I want to post a picture or art. Can I do that?

A: Posting directly on the App is not possible. However you can submit pieces of art or images you wish to share to art@meetwo.co.uk or DM us through instagram @MeeTwoHelps. The submitted work will undergo the same moderation as a written post.

Q: The category I’m looking for doesn’t seem to be an option

A: We try to cater for all possible feelings, issues, and problems. However we understand that there might not be a category for exactly what you’re going through, or you may not know how best to describe it. You can contact us at support@meetwo.co.uk or visit our website www.meetwo.co.uk


Q: How do you protect the most vulnerable children?

A: A safeguarding framework is built into the App. This is based on the procedures used by many secondary schools in the UK. Please visit our safeguarding page for more details.

Q: Why can’t children younger than 13 years old register to use MeeTwo?

A: Data protection laws would require us to get parental permission from any child under 13 years old. We currently don’t have the facility to do this.

Q: What age groups can use the App?

A: Anyone aged 13 years old and above can register to use MeeTwo but all of the information on MeeTwo is aimed at young people. Older people who log on with the intention of posting inappropriately will be filtered out the moderation process, however we also accept that older people can sometimes ask useful questions and give good advice and support. Providing their posts meet our moderation guidelines and are sensitive to the typical age group of the users we welcome them to the community.

Q: Can I direct message or follow another user?

A: No. To keep everyone safe all posts are public. There is no facility for direct messaging or following within the App.